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  1. The law requires the installation of either a pressure-balanced valve or a thermostatic mixing valve.
  2. The pressure-balanced valve maintains the temperature by keeping the proportions of hot and cold water balanced.
  3. With a boiler pressure of, these were the first South African engines to use Salter spring balance valves.
  4. Balancing valves allow the measurement of differential pressure and temperature thereby pinpointing the cause of many such operational problems.
  5. The use of pressure-balanced valves can prevent scalding injuries, in particular to the elderly, the infirm, to children and infants.
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  7. This valve costs $ 100 to $ 125, plus installation by a plumber at about the same cost as the pressure balance valve.
  8. A shower body with a pressure-balanced valve ranges in cost, roughly, from $ 75 to $ 300; with a thermostatic valve, from $ 200 to $ 1, 000.
  9. Other early industrial ventures in Jersey Shore included the American Balance Valve and Machine Works ( a maker of railroad valves ), the Susquehanna Silk Mill and the Jersey Shore Creamery Company.
  10. Other early industrial ventures in Jersey Shore included the American Balance Valve and Machine Works manufacturers of railroad valves, Jersey Shore Steel, the Susquehanna Silk Mill, and the Jersey Shore Creamery Company.
  11. The added advantage of pressure independent control valves is that, when fitted with an actuator, they replace the manual balancing valve and motorized control valve with a single valve, thus reducing installation cost.
  12. For example, pressure balance valves, which replace conventional shower or tub faucet valves, automatically adjust the water pressure to maintain a mix of hot and cold to within three degrees above or below the temperature setting on the value.
  13. In contrast, because of their added functionality, automatic balancing valves are only needed at terminal units, reducing the number of valves used, cutting costs and creating a more flexible HVAC system that can be easily adapted or expanded without having to make any new calculations or re-commission the whole system.
  14. In practical knowledge of battery, and patented the following inventions : the balance valve for water-work purposes ( this superseded the costly stand-pipe ), the four-beat pump-valve, a safety plug for the prevention of boiler explosions, and a safety equilibrium cataract, used with the Cornish pumping engine for the prevention of accidents.

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