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  1. I think balancing up our offense has made us better.
  2. This team is more balanced up and down the lineup.
  3. But then the league balanced up a little.
  4. There is then a balancing up event.
  5. At the end of April the book is balanced up, and signed by Thomas Yate, Principal; Radol.
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  7. However, the novice players are suggested to maintain the balance up to a speed of ten miles per hour.
  8. In the economy of the Soviet Union, planning was conducted using the method of material balances up until the country's dissolution.
  9. "We're going to get out there and work a lot with his throwing, balance up his throwing and running ability ."
  10. The sanctuary of sweat on Causeway Street deseition ( is the balance up to $ 49.75 by now, sweet Anne-Marie ? ).
  11. Next, Green offered to deposit more money to bring his Swiss balance up, but Merrill Lynch refused that, too, the memo said.
  12. If the trend continues, she says, the society will go broke, but Jacobson maintains that new contributions will keep the balance up.
  13. But I've reached a point where some habit-breaking is in order, if I want to keep my weight down and my checking-account balance up.
  14. The card should be topped-up when the balance is low, however the card allows the customer to acquire a negative balance up to ?.
  15. The sanctuary of sweat on Causeway Street deseition ( is the balance up to $ 49 . 75 by now, sweet Anne-Marie ? ).
  16. Safeway's ABC Bonus Account, in conjunction with retail bank Abbey National Plc, pays 5 percent gross interest, but only on balances up to 600 pounds.
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