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  1. Sometimes, however, crank-balanced units can become prohibitively heavy due to the need for counterweights.
  2. Balancing units to supply center counts is done after each game-year ( two seasons of play : Spring and Autumn ).
  3. Not only did Chamberlain attend shootarounds, but he concentrated on defense and led the league in rebounding, making the Lakers a more balanced unit.
  4. Rothwell was appointed head of the Medical Research Council ( MRC ) Human Movement and Balance Unit after the untimely death of David Marsden.
  5. And I suppose I could go long beyond the triptych and do five or six together, but I find the triptych is a more balanced unit ."
  6. It's difficult to find balance unit in a sentence.
  7. When used in broadcast facilities to enable the airing of telephone callers, the broadcast-quality telephone hybrid is known as a "'broadcast telephone hybrid "'or "'telephone balance unit " '.
  8. Holdsclaw scored the Lady Vols'first two baskets and set Pashen Thompson up for the third, but as the half evolved, so did Tennessee, into a smooth, efficient and balanced unit.
  9. In the end, Lerris uses the vast amounts of order in Recluce to bind all of the free chaos into small, balanced units ( again, strongly reminiscent of particle physics ).

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