baggage tug in a sentence

  1. Soon, each baggage tug will have computers mounted on board, alerting ramp workers to last-minute gate changes which could delay baggage.
  2. Airlines are also trying to help out : Since last fall, Southwest Airlines has been experimenting with 22 electrically powered baggage tugs, about half of its fleet.
  3. However, Fletcher's victory is cut short when he crashes into a barrier and is sent flying into a baggage tug, which causes a chain reaction that leaves Fletcher unconscious and with both of his legs broken.
  4. But in coming months the new Transportation Security Agency will have to deal with other weak points, including airport ramp areas filled with fuel trucks, baggage tugs and catering trucks with keys left in the ignition _ all available to ram a plane or deliver a bomb or terrorists.
  5. It's difficult to find baggage tug in a sentence.

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