baggage belt in a sentence

  1. "We're not sharing baggage belts.
  2. Level 1 ( Baggage Claim ) contains all inbound baggage facilities and baggage belts.
  3. Arriving passengers can access baggage claim in the downstairs level where there are 9 baggage belts.
  4. Among the improvements was increasing the number of baggage belts, 16 to 24, check-in counters from 96 to 132 and gates, up to 40.
  5. A fire erupted Tuesday in a baggage belt where work was underway at Charles de Gaulle airport, forcing the evacuation of several hundred people but causing no injuries, airport officials said.
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  7. Regardless of the repairs an airport makes to its own computers and on-site backup systems, the services in its terminals or along its baggage belts may be vulnerable to problems off the airport property.
  8. But 100 yards away, hundreds of other travelers sit in semi-darkness, perched on disused baggage belts and plastic chairs, eating airline food off plastic trays and waiting for their 40 days in confinement to end.
  9. Come June, the island republic's ultramodern Changi Airport _ already boasting a swimming pool, cinema, supermarket, fitness center, hair salon, two hotels and a slew of shops _ will see artists performing amid baggage belts and check-in counters.
  10. When completed, the terminal would have six aerobridges ( an increase of two ), 32 check-in counters, ( twice the current number ), 2, 500 car parking spaces ( doubled ), three times the baggage belt capacity, and the floor area of the lounge facilities would be quadrupled.
  11. She skipped Tokyo last fall to nurse a hip injury sustained while lifting a heavy suitcase off an airport baggage belt, then bypassed Boston's 100th to concentrate on Atlanta, explaining, " It takes a lot out of you to do Boston, and after the previous two, it took a while to recover and just to get back into top shape again.

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