baggage allowances in a sentence

  1. Compared to Econolight, meals are provided but baggage allowance is still restricted.
  2. Airlines have adopted strict baggage allowances.
  3. He said Thai Airways International should provide greater baggage allowances for foreigners who bought Thai products.
  4. Melody must enforce FlyLo's new baggage allowances and Keeley acquaints a passenger with the company website.
  5. John tries to negotiate with the passengers not to use their full baggage allowance, but it doesn't work.
  6. It's difficult to find baggage allowances in a sentence.
  7. He said they keep a strict rein on carry-on baggage allowances and have a bare-minimum check-in system.
  8. The new weight limit does not affect passengers'overall baggage allowance or excess baggage charges, which are set by individual airlines.
  9. Award Miles are redeemable for free tickets, upgrades to a more expensive seating class, extra baggage allowance, and lounge access.
  10. _Baggage allowance : The number ( or weight ) of pieces of luggage that may be carried by a passenger without additional charge.
  11. But Mr Justice Keith threw out a challenge by the civil servants over the long-burning issue of homeward passage and baggage allowance.
  12. When I moved across country, I took the train partly to take advantage of their substantial free baggage allowance, which cut my shipping cost.
  13. Higher-tiered members are provided with increased travel benefits such as guaranteed Economy Class seat, additional baggage allowance, priority flight booking and airport lounge access.
  14. Tiered benefits include special offers, travel packages, waiting list priority, priority services ( sales counter, check-in and boarding ) and excess baggage allowance.
  15. While the crackdown on carry-on luggage has received a lot of publicity lately, UAL's United Airlines advises that passengers familiarize themselves with checked-baggage allowances.
  16. "I couldn't pack my costume because my baggage allowance didn't allow it, " said Grant Andrea, an Australian now living in London.
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