baffoni in a sentence

  1. Shelton gave Baffoni some tips for staying calm during the taping but didn't attempt to alter his accent.
  2. During the taping, the host of the show was so charmed by Baffoni's accent that she said, " Just talk.
  3. In the Trattoria Dai Baffoni, Parizeau noted that during its last time in power, 1976-85, the Parti Quebecois liberally financed ethnic media and community centers, and promised more of the same if he wins.
  4. Before appearing on TBS's film-and-food show " Dinner & a Movie " earlier this month, Alberto Baffoni, the Italian-born executive chef and owner of Simposio Ristorante Italiano, went to Shelton's firm for help in preparing for his appearance on the nationally televised broadcast.
  5. Concerned by Futhey's about-face, a majority of the UTU board of directors ( including John Babler, Vic Baffoni, Roy Boling, J . R . Cumby, John Fitzgerald and C . A . " Tony " Iannone ) and National Legislative Director James Brunkenhoefer filed suit to enforce the merger on behalf of UTU members.

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