baffle plate in a sentence

  1. Baffle plates can be installed to prevent wear of the protective screen.
  2. The beautiful tapestry brought the room to life and made the walls, that act as wind baffle plates, warmer.
  3. Most sea chests are protected by removable gratings, and contain baffle plates to dampen the effects of vessel speed or sea state.
  4. If there is a " KICK " situation, this vessel separates the mud and the gas by allowing it to flow over baffle plates.
  5. -the repeated striking of the materials against the chains, baffle plates contained inside the grinding chamber, and against themselves create kinetic energy which heats the material
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  7. Now the ventilation space above head height is crowded with ducting, conduits, cameras, speakers and equipment acting as a baffle plates with predictable reductions in flow.
  8. The smokebox extended well forward of the blast pipe and chimney, to provide space for a spark arrestor, and baffle plates that were the forerunners of the self-cleaning smokebox.
  9. The sides of the bridge are fitted with baffle plates to reduce lateral wind loads coming from the Severn Estuary onto the traffic; this has reduced the number of times that speed restrictions have been needed.
  10. Another method proposed by Boulton for maintaining combustion at constant pressure was shown with gas burned in an inverted chamber under water, the products of combustion passing up through the water between the baffle plates and the mixed gases and steam being later delivered to a turbine.
  11. The Type 63 has a flat, boat-like hull similar to the design of the PT-76, apart from a nearly horizontal glacis plate, higher gradient of the bottom of the bow, different engine grills with three separate vertical slot side air inlets on the Type 63, in contrast to the single large inlet with inset vertical baffle plate on the PT-76.

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