baffle me in a sentence

  1. I find things in ou r kitchen drawers that baffle me.
  2. "It just baffled me, " he said.
  3. As a matter of fact it still baffles me at times.
  4. It baffles me then why he would create a hoax article.
  5. As for WP : Privacy, this one truly baffles me.
  6. It's difficult to find baffle me in a sentence.
  7. "That's a question that baffles me.
  8. This whole women-smoking-cigars thing baffles me.
  9. "It baffles me, " he said.
  10. How he ever got Keith Lockhart out of Kansas City baffles me.
  11. How he got into college baffles me to this day.
  12. That play certainly will baffle me the rest of my coaching career,
  13. "The poll thing really baffles me,"
  14. "It baffles me, " she says.
  15. Why Coolcaesar has such a different style elsewhere : it baffles me.
  16. This one was so close it baffled me for a few minutes.
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