bad weather in a sentence

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  1. A private diver conceded bad weather will hamper the Flight 990 investigation
  2. Meteorologists said the bad weather was likely to last through Wednesday.
  3. But bad weather prevented completion of several tests required by Congress.
  4. Bad weather has prevented J . J . from returning home.
  5. What is the best shingle to resist winds and bad weather?
  6. It's difficult to find bad weather in a sentence.
  7. Airline officials blamed the delays on runway repairs and bad weather.
  8. So it is always a challenge to play in bad weather.
  9. A second attempt on Thursday was canceled because of bad weather.
  10. And flying at night in bad weather is unquestionably more dangerous.
  11. The bad weather was hampering efforts to put out the flames.
  12. So instead I have developed a few standard bad weather practices.
  13. A second bombing mission was called off due to bad weather.
  14. The striking critics and bad weather may have been a blessing.
  15. Bad weather happens all the time and people usually come through.
  16. Rescue operations could not begin until Saturday because of bad weather.
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