bad visibility in a sentence

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  1. "We've had pretty much bad visibility and choppy seas since then.
  2. A large foghorn alerted ships in fog and in bad visibility.
  3. In bad visibility, the balloon crashed into the Adriatic Sea early the following morning.
  4. Other crew members can help talk a pilot down during bad visibility, he said.
  5. A rescue operation was abandoned due to bad visibility and the risk of further avalanches.
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  7. Bad visibility has forced several airports to cease operations.
  8. Due to bad visibility, U . N . observation posts could not determine the number of victims.
  9. In July, a new system was introduced for civil aircraft flying in bad visibility between Lympne and Croydon.
  10. Bike lights must be lit after sunset until sunrise, or in case of bad visibility also during day time.
  11. Due to bad visibility and thick clouds which obscured the summit, the climbers believed they had reached the top.
  12. But bad visibility and a shy crocodile stymied his efforts early Saturday _ the second day of his hunt.
  13. "The president is unable to attend the dinner, " spokesman Ladislav Spacek said, citing bad visibility and low clouds in Copenhagen.
  14. However, he assumed that due to heavy weather and bad visibility the pilot onboard had decided to turn the combination back.
  15. In that year, Penshurst marked the south eastern corner of Croydon's controlled zone which came into effect during conditions of bad visibility.
  16. However, this presents problems in featureless areas, in bad visibility or at night and putting lights on distant aiming points is seldom practical.
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