bad publicity in a sentence

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  1. They were eventually disbanded in 1935, largely because of constant bad publicity.
  2. Bad publicity over that grudging attitude prompted a policy review this season.
  3. After months of bad publicity, Unilever was forced to reformulate the detergent.
  4. But the bad publicity may cause patients to go elsewhere, he said.
  5. Such antics brought a rush of bad publicity, including protests of tastelessness.
  6. It's difficult to find bad publicity in a sentence.
  7. I get a lot of bad publicity as far as my defense,
  8. These companies do not want their good names besmirched by bad publicity.
  9. They spent $ 8 million to get rid of the bad publicity,
  10. They have had a lot of bad publicity and they appear oppressive.
  11. Sarah Netanyahu was dogged by bad publicity after her husband was elected.
  12. Many respondents cited the fear of bad publicity about computer security.
  13. And, Farthing said, he has no problem with the bad publicity.
  14. HMOs have endured a spate of bad publicity on the subject.
  15. Poultry companies benefitted from the barrage of bad publicity for the beef industry.
  16. Bacanovic contends bad publicity tied to Stewart could hurt his case.
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