bad prognosis in a sentence

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  1. Grunfeld said, " because these patients have such a very bad prognosis.
  2. Medical complications are associated with a bad prognosis.
  3. "The important point is, having a mastectomy doesn't necessarily convey that it's a bad prognosis situation, " Norton said.
  4. But if a patient is on the ventilator 12 to 24 hours, that does not necessarily portend a bad prognosis.
  5. Low malignant potential tumors usually only have a bad prognosis when there are invasive tumor implants found in the peritoneal cavity.
  6. It's difficult to find bad prognosis in a sentence.
  7. They were asking whether there was a pattern of gene activity that was associated with a good prognosis and another associated with a bad prognosis.
  8. Costalas said, " and a few years later her sister will discover she has metastatic cancer, with a bad prognosis, and she'll find out that there was this information showing she was at risk.
  9. They repeated a warning they had made in 1956 : " Inhalation of asbestos dust must be expected sooner or later to produce pulmonary fibrosis . . . pulmonary asbestosis, once established, is a progressive disease with a bad prognosis ."

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