bad product in a sentence

"bad product" in Chinese  
  1. There's always the danger of exposing a bad product.
  2. Not that XP is a bad product _ quite the contrary.
  3. Someone says that nothing ruins good advertising quicker than a bad product.
  4. You can't sell a bad product ."
  5. It's not that Win95 is a bad product.
  6. It's difficult to find bad product in a sentence.
  7. He said a bad product could damage the company's reputation.
  8. You're likely to pay good money for a bad product.
  9. These guys are in business, and bad products bring big bad problems.
  10. And we had a very bad product as Republicans coming down the stretch.
  11. After all, we cannot make a good market out of bad products.
  12. To fix bad products without a big fuss.
  13. When you have an economic monopoly, you get high prices and bad products.
  14. Bob would simply sink into the bog where bad products die quiet, unnoticed deaths.
  15. Parents believe the public school government monopoly produces a bad product at a high price.
  16. There are no controls to see if there are no drugs or any bad products.
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