bad press in a sentence

"bad press" in Chinese  
  1. "It would've been bad press ."
  2. We felt that chickens had had bad press for too long,
  3. Eighty percent of the job is trying to avoid bad press,
  4. We didn't get any bad press out of it.
  5. Rarely did a party get such bad press during a campaign.
  6. It's difficult to find bad press in a sentence.
  7. I think the bad press made them all keep quiet now,
  8. But my husband was scared off by all the bad press.
  9. I got a lot of bad publicity and bad press.
  10. It got a lot of bad press last year about the greens.
  11. Pseudo-Southern cooking likely will get bad press and deserve it.
  12. It's not like Kingman is a stranger to bad press.
  13. He was getting bad press, and being called vulgar.
  14. Oakland gets a lot of bad press from San Francisco.
  15. How long do we have to take this bad press?
  16. The drum beat of bad press has taken its toll.
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