bad presidents in a sentence

  1. "He's not a bad president ."
  2. He may have been a bad president, but that bad?
  3. Clinton has not been a bad president; just a mediocre one.
  4. He might not have been a bad president, though.
  5. Too bad President Bush has shied away from this challenge.
  6. It's difficult to find bad presidents in a sentence.
  7. "Bush is a bad president, bad for America.
  8. Polk was not a bad president, he just disappeared from public memory.
  9. Now the school is more than the reputation of having a bad president.
  10. "I've become an expert on good and bad presidents.
  11. Their father was accused of being a bad president, not a bad husband.
  12. Clinton wasn't such a bad president.
  13. Either we got 50 really horrible governors out there, or one really bad president.
  14. "He's a good person, unlike other bad presidents ."
  15. Clinton's proclivity for accommodation with his opponents does not make him a bad president.
  16. A newspaper poll published Tuesday indicated that 70 percent of Guatemalans classified Portillo as a bad president.
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