bad policies in a sentence

"bad policies" in Chinese  
  1. The two proposals that deal with fiscal matters are bad policy.
  2. This law is bad government, and it is bad policy.
  3. Bad policy carried out with skillful dedication can have indelible effects.
  4. It flees from corruption and bad policies, conflict and unpredictability.
  5. The public education parts of 187 might be bad policy.
  6. It's difficult to find bad policies in a sentence.
  7. Our problems are rooted in bad policies, that simple.
  8. Talking down to people is bad policy in San Francisco.
  9. That's bad policy but it may be pretty good politics.
  10. "I think it's a bad policy.
  11. The Bundesbank opposes the plan, saying it's bad policy.
  12. It's bad policy and bad politics ."
  13. "It's just bad policy ."
  14. International welfare often fails because recipients follow bad policies, they said.
  15. A bad policy is one that forces those talents to be buried.
  16. An absolute protection for journalists would be bad policy, he said.
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