bad poetry in a sentence

  1. Wrote bad poetry, hawked Thighmaster and finally returned to TV.
  2. Consider a book with the shameless title, Very Bad Poetry.
  3. He loves darkness and despair and writing " bad poetry ".
  4. Sincerity, someone said, is the mark of much bad poetry.
  5. It is bad poetry both ways but splendid musical drama.
  6. It's difficult to find bad poetry in a sentence.
  7. Lots of praise and bad poetry, you know.
  8. "Thank God for bad poetry, " says a lesbian.
  9. We sat alone and wrote bad poetry and celebrated births and mourned deaths.
  10. Hall pursued the life of a country squire and wrote sheaves of bad poetry.
  11. Oscar Wilde sneered, " All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling ."
  12. His penchant for poetry ( albeit bad poetry ) makes him a favorite to her.
  13. Austin just doesn't have enough bad poetry to warrant all this stinkin'latte.
  14. Bad poetry by a bad man.
  15. If you are tempted to write nincompoop letters to the editor or bad poetry, restrain yourselves.
  16. As with any other language, there are good novels and bad novels, good poetry and bad poetry.
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