bad poet in a sentence

  1. Ludwig was an eccentric and notoriously bad poet.
  2. Neither was Charles IX a bad poet.
  3. No one dismissed her as a bad poet, but many poets could not understand why her reputation had soared.
  4. Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Charles Wright of Virginia bemoans the multitudes of bad poets and bad poems produced by all the hype.
  5. In addition to the Medlay character, the play features Diogenes Scriben, a bad poet and a pretended descendant of the Classical Diogenes.
  6. It's difficult to find bad poet in a sentence.
  7. Yodeling Alaskan folk / rock iconess and bad poet Jewel should avoid seasonal recordings at all costs, based on this 13-song effort.
  8. Tristan Corbi鑢e's " A Marcelle-le poete et la cigale " is a light-hearted literary criticism of a bad poet.
  9. It is highly probable that Cicero is speaking of Alexander Lychnus when he mentions an Alexander whom he says is a bad poet, and a careless writer, but whose poems yet possess some factual information.
  10. The " horrid-hooting stanza " is the train's whistle but, at the same time, as Vendler believes, a self-criticism Dickinson makes of herself as a " bad poet ".
  11. Henry describes the original leaders of the IRA and its affiliated Sinn Fein party as " a little gang of cranky nuts and bad poets " made attractive only by the British authorities'tendency to execute them.
  12. Bad poets deface what they take . "  she notes that despite the " taboo " of plagiarism, the ill-will and embarrassment it causes in the modern context, readers seem to often forgive the past excesses of historic literary offenders.
  13. Critics of this view argue that the name Labeo derives from Attius Labeo, a notoriously bad poet, and that Hall's Labeo could refer to one of many poets of the time, or even be a composite figure, standing for the triumph of bad verse.
  14. Around 1640 he was at Rome as a member of various academies, among which that of " gli Umoristi " ( the Humorist ), where he read " " Ragguagli di Parnasso " " ( " Comparison with Parnassus " ), dedicated to the bad poets of the times.
  15. He was both an admirer and a critic of Rudyard Kipling, praising Kipling as a gifted writer and a " good bad poet " whose work is " spurious " and " morally insensitive and aesthetically disgusting, " but undeniably seductive and able to speak to certain aspects of reality more effectively than more enlightened authors.
  16. "What ? that thing of silk " uses a metaphor of a silkworm spinning that Pope had already used in " The Dunciad " to refer to bad poets . " Ass's milk " was at that time a common tonic, and was part of a diet adopted by Hervey . " This painted child " comments on make-up such as rouge used by the handsome Hervey.
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