bad planning in a sentence

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  1. The bad planning involved spending too much money too quickly, he said.
  2. And it wouldn't be the first time bad planning had regional consequences.
  3. So the main reason for dissatisfied customers is the result of bad planning.
  4. Corruption, bad planning _ whatever they wanted to do, they just did it.
  5. Bad planning and drought have damaged preserves in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
  6. It's difficult to find bad planning in a sentence.
  7. Critics blame bad planning and low attendances at performances away from Covent Garden.
  8. Mount Laurel, he added, " does not mandate bad planning ."
  9. Sensible people take preventive measures, instead of pondering over bad planning.
  10. But they failed again and again because of their bad planning and conflicted motives.
  11. Another part of the problem is politics and bad planning.
  12. Their plot failed due to treachery, bad planning, insufficient popular support and stormy weather.
  13. Getting rid of outdated zoning laws that mandate bad planning seems a logical first step.
  14. But Operation Atlas, as the mission was known, was doomed by bad planning and accidents.
  15. Part of the problem has been an offensive line destroyed by injury and bad planning.
  16. In the following years bad planning of agricultural and irrigation projects resulted in widespread desertification.
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