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  1. Processes for bacterial transformation based on the Yoshida Effect can utilize sepiolite as an acicular nanofiber.
  2. Bacterial transformation involves the DNA repair.
  3. Thus the process of homologous recombination during bacterial transformation has fundamental similarities to homologous recombination during meiosis.
  4. Taking up genetic material into the cell from the surrounding environment is a form of bacterial transformation.
  5. In extant organisms, proteins with central functions in meiosis are similar to key proteins in bacterial transformation.
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  7. Because of this, electroporation is one of the key methods of transfection as well as bacterial transformation.
  8. In 1945, the Royal Society awarded Avery the Copley Medal, in part for his work on bacterial transformation.
  9. Bacterial transformation is a complex process encoded by numerous bacterial genes, and is a bacterial adaptation for DNA transfer.
  10. On the other hand, bacterial transformation is clearly an adaptation for transfer of DNA between bacteria of the same species.
  11. In the 1930s, the French enologist Jean Rib閞eau-Gayon published papers stating the benefits of this bacterial transformation in wine.
  12. Both bacterial transformation and meiosis in eukaryotic microorganisms are induced by stressful circumstances such as overcrowding, resource depletion and DNA damaging conditions.
  13. Bacterial transformation is a complex process involving the products of numerous bacterial genes and can be regarded as a bacterial form of sex.
  14. Sexual reproduction in eukaryotes may have evolved from bacterial transformation . ( Also see Evolution of sexual reproduction # Origin of sexual reproduction .)
  15. Sexual reproduction in early single-celled eukaryotes may have evolved from bacterial transformation, or from a similar process in archaea ( see below ).
  16. Natural bacterial transformation is considered to be a primitive sexual process and occurs in both bacteria and archaea, although it has been studied mainly in bacteria.
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