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  1. Ackerley's fear of public backlash ultimately killed the deal.
  2. But many Algerians fear a backlash from the campaign against militants.
  3. There is a growing nationalist backlash against foreign ownership of industry.
  4. But their professional anonymity diluted any political backlash against their prescriptions.
  5. There was bound to be a male backlash at some point.
  6. It's difficult to find backlash in a sentence.
  7. The fact is, no one expected a backlash like this.
  8. Was he disturbed by the general backlash against the art world?
  9. Some suggest that any backlash against Cochran is rooted in racism.
  10. A public backlash against gambling has stymied expansion into new markets.
  11. Peacemakers often face " backlash, " he said.
  12. And the backlash is tentatively scheduled for Christmas'96 ..
  13. But this year's backlash bothered me more than most.
  14. The backlash against capitation also has reached the New York region.
  15. And what's to be learned from these backlash effects?
  16. The backlash from the grievance was worse than the sexual harassment.
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