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  1. We are tired of babysitting extremist thugs and guarding illegal settlements,
  2. Furuta's company began in 1989 as a babysitting service.
  3. He comes across Minnie who is babysitting two of his nephews.
  4. Veronica wins the babysitting job from a high-pressure teacher.
  5. Molly starts spending time with Danny, babysitting him for Sam.
  6. It's difficult to find babysitting in a sentence.
  7. But the measures did not resolve the inadequate demand for babysitting.
  8. It gives the administration more tools to control demand for babysitting.
  9. Star Market is seeking to outdo its rival by introducing babysitting service.
  10. Child care : day care, nursery school, babysitting.
  11. Norma and Gloria earned 10 cents an hour for babysitting.
  12. Single parents in Austin have formed babysitting co-ops.
  13. But don't count on Verdon doing much babysitting.
  14. Titles include " 50 Best Babysitting Tips,"
  15. She was babysitting regularly and cooked Sunday dinner every week.
  16. Sometimes adolescents who are too young end up babysitting for younger siblings.
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