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  1. His concerns were echoed by consumer groups and rival Baby Bell companies.
  2. The Baby Bells are getting into long distance and revenues are falling.
  3. But the entrance of the Baby Bells meant an exit for HBO.
  4. The Baby Bells own the wires that snake into most American households.
  5. Analysts said Internet providers won the first round against the Baby Bells.
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  7. Baby Bell USWest is in for $ 2 million as a sponsor.
  8. The telecommunications equipment company boosted revenue by selling to regional Baby Bells.
  9. Wireless executives have been grateful for the interest of the Baby Bells.
  10. Only New York has allowed a Baby Bell to offer long distance.
  11. The Baby Bell provides phone services in the Southeast U . S.
  12. Ameritech is a Baby Bell that provides local service to the Midwest.
  13. One _ Tauzin _ is more closely allied to the Baby Bells.
  14. The FCC already has tried a similar tactic with the Baby Bells.
  15. BellSouth is a $ 23 billion Baby Bell that serves the Southeast.
  16. There have already been two Baby Bell mergers so far this year.
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