baby beef in a sentence

"baby beef" meaning  "baby beef" in Chinese  
  1. Instead, they munched on medallions of Italian baby beef.
  2. The crisis didn't stop the 15 leaders from having beef for lunch-at least baby beef.
  3. A chubby 200-pounder known as " Baby Beef,"
  4. Business has rarely been better at his steakhouse, Baby Beef Rubaiyat, an old establishment here where businessmen put together deals over Argentine sirloin and French wine.
  5. Although the event changes with the times _ llamas are some of the livestock on parade now _ it still has old fair mainstays such as a midway, tractor and ox pulls, harness racing, draft horse and pony show, and 4-H baby beef and lamb sales.
  6. It's difficult to find baby beef in a sentence.
  7. I know there's more to it than that, because the real determinant for the farmer is the market cost of the thing he sells to another firm, minus the production cost, with something more factored in for the delay in growing a cow ( if it's not baby beef, at least ).

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