baby babble in a sentence

  1. Scientists say they have linked baby babbling to the brain's language center.
  2. The scientists found that when babies babbled, their mouths opened more on the right side.
  3. His study determined that babies babble over 800 different sounds with the same amount of frequency as dolphins.
  4. If the baby babbles mainly on the right, the researchers say, it means that babbling is a form of language.
  5. While parents might strain to hear words in baby babble, some researchers have suggested it is unrelated to language and just the result of moving the mouth and jaw.
  6. It's difficult to find baby babble in a sentence.
  7. He reluctantly turns to Homer for help, and asks for the $ 2, 000 so that he can develop a new product that will translate baby babbling into speech.
  8. SCI-BABY-BABBLE ( Undated ) _ If a baby babbles mainly on the right side of its mouth, according to researchers, it may mean that babbling is a form of language.
  9. Look carefully and the lines enable you to see that as the baby babbles, her mouth opens wider on the right side than on the left . Suddenly, what was merely cute becomes scientifically interesting.
  10. A baby babbles out of the right side of the mouth, Bates said, not because the left brain contains a language organ but because the left brain is in charge of fine-motor activity.
  11. After hearing a baby cry while in the park, Herb came up with a plan on how to regain his wealth; he has decided to develop a machine that will translate baby babbling into actual English.
  12. Deaf babies babble in the same order when hearing sounds as non-deaf babies do, thus showing that babbling is not caused by babies simply imitating certain sounds, but is actually a natural part of the process of language development.
  13. American Character focused on talking dolls in the early 1960s, with such models as " Little Miss Echo " ( 1962-1964 ), " Baby Babbles " ( 1963 ), and " Baby Says, " ( 1963 ).
  14. :I'm afraid I don't know the answer to either of these questions, but I can answer one you didn't ask, namely, " Can babies babble in sign ? ", to which the answer is " Yes ".
  15. Allmusic critic Stewart Mason described " Precious " as Hynde's " true calling card . " He also describes it as " a poison-pen valentine to Hynde's home city of Akron, Ohio . " Music critic Simon Reynolds described the lyrics as a " strafing stream of syllables " mixing " speed rap, jive talk, baby babble, " and the song as " punk scat, all hiccoughs, vocal tics, gasps and feral growls, weirdly poised between love and hate, oral sensuality and staccato, stabbing aggression ."

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