baby azaria in a sentence

  1. If a dingo didn't do it, then how did baby Azaria Chamberlain die at Ayers Rock 15 years ago?
  2. The Northern Territory coroner said Tuesday that the inquest on Australia's most famous legal saga-- the death of baby Azaria Chamberlain in 1980-- will be reopened.
  3. That is the verdict the Chamberlains are seeking to put an end to Australia's most notorious long-running legal saga, the death of baby Azaria Chamberlain 15 years ago.
  4. Australia's most notorious legal saga will come to an end when a court rules whether a dingo, or wild dog, snatched and killed baby Azaria Chamberlain in the Outback 15 years ago.
  5. The brother of baby Azaria Chamberlain, whose disappearance in the remote Outback 24 years ago became one of Australia's most enduring mysteries, revealed Wednesday he had been vilified as a suspected killer.
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  7. In 1982, Muirhead presided over the trial of Lindy Chamberlain, who was charged with the murder of her 9-week-old baby Azaria at the foot of giant monolith Ayers Rock two years earlier.
  8. Last month, 78-year-old Frank Cole told a newspaper that he shot a dingo while camping with friends near Ayers Rock in central Australia on the night in 1980 that baby Azaria Chamberlain disappeared _ and that the wild dog still had the infant's lifeless body in its jaws.
  9. Hoflin was ten when he starred in his first role alongside Meryl Streep and Sam Neill in " Evil Angels " ( released as " A Cry in the Dark " outside of Australia and New Zealand ), a film about the famous tragic case where a dingo stole baby Azaria Chamberlain from her tent at Ayers Rock.

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