baby at in a sentence

"baby at" meaning  "baby at" in Chinese  
  1. But I've got two babies at home ."
  2. Emergency workers were unable to revive the baby at the home.
  3. Beanie Baby at the regular-season opener Sept . 6.
  4. Maybe it made it easier to find their baby at night,
  5. She checked hospitals and heard about an unidentified baby at one.
  6. It's difficult to find baby at in a sentence.
  7. Yapor became pregnant and abandoned the baby at a Spanish orphanage.
  8. Roberval's child was still a baby at the time.
  9. John was a baby at the orphanage where Ryan was born.
  10. He sleeps like a baby at night, Springer said.
  11. Patricia Liviola does not plan to have her baby at a hospital.
  12. It is the routine practice of killing a baby at 5 months.
  13. It was wonderful to see the baby at 14 weeks.
  14. Three babies at Vanderbilt have died as a result of the surgery.
  15. "We're talking about women delivering babies at checkpoints.
  16. Levy delivered her third baby at home without medical help.
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