baby aspirin in a sentence

  1. Then there's that deed of taking two baby aspirin a day.
  2. They should be taking baby aspirin . . ..
  3. Even a baby aspirin can be too much.
  4. He takes no heart medication, unless you count a baby aspirin every other day.
  5. Charlie Marie gave her a few pink baby aspirin, then offered her daughters cherry Cokes.
  6. It's difficult to find baby aspirin in a sentence.
  7. A baby aspirin a day is widely prescribed to prevent blood clots in people with heart disease.
  8. By late last week, the package of baby aspirin-sized pills were sitting on her kitchen table.
  9. More of these products are showing up on drugstore and supermarket shelves next to the cough medicine and baby aspirin.
  10. This is the type of effect the physician is after when he suggests taking that baby aspirin once a day,
  11. In the United States, baby aspirin, also available as low-dose adult aspirin, contains 81 milligrams.
  12. Because blood clots also contribute to blocked arteries, all patients were also given a baby aspirin a day to reduce clots.
  13. One of the biggest surprises of the latest study was the finding that a baby aspirin works better than a standard dose.
  14. Is the maker of baby aspirin required to warn in Spanish as well as English against the danger of Reye's syndrome?
  15. She remembers him trudging through the snow to buy baby aspirin when the family was stuck in a snowstorm in the early 1980s.
  16. "That dose should be considered to be one or two baby aspirin and not the standard 325 milligrams, " he said.
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