baby arizmendi in a sentence

  1. Baby Arizmendi : Historians speak of this native-Mexican with reverence.
  2. The second fight he lost to Baby Arizmendi by decision in San Francisco.
  3. Following the match he fought Baby Arizmendi who was the California State World Featherweight Title and Miller was the National Boxing Association World featherweight title.
  4. He defeated five world champions in non title fights including Freddie Miller, Baby Arizmendi, Tommy Paul, Lew Feldman, and Johnny Jadick.
  5. He beat several world champions in a time when titles were meaningful _ including L . A . legend Baby Arizmendi, who twice outpointed the great Henry Armstrong _ but fell just short of winning a title himself.
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  7. He lost a 1933 fight to Baby Arizmendi for the California version of the world featherweight title, another fight in 1933 to Freddie Miller for the National Boxing Association featherweight title, and a 1935 fight against Pablo Dano for the California version of the bantamweight world title.

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