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  1. She is currently doing BA English Literature in Marthoma College Tiruvalla.
  2. He graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA English degree in 1986.
  3. In 1985 the English degree was revised and renamed BA English Language & Literature.
  4. He was educated at Epsom College and the University of Hull ( BA English Literature, 1979 ).
  5. She was educated at King's College London ( BA English, 1967; PhD, 1970 ).
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  7. Hilton was born in London and graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA English Hons ( 1971 ) and an MA Drama & Theatre Arts ( 1972 ).
  8. He graduated from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City ( BA English : Creative Writing [ " cum laude "; and Bachelor of Laws ).
  9. Barraclough was educated at St Brandon's School ( Somerset ), Millfield ( Somerset ), and St Hilda's College, Oxford, where she achieved a BA English.
  10. The son of lawyer and former Member of Parliament, Advocate Serajul Huq, he was educated at Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School ( Dhaka ), the University of Dhaka ( BA English Literature; MA English Literature; LLB ) and King's College London ( LLM ).

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