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  1. Influenza B viruses are quieter, changing less often, flaring up only occasionally.
  2. There is a considerable risk of monkey B virus from rhesus macaques.
  3. A new virus has been described in fish-White sucker hepatitis B virus.
  4. One paper concerned what turned out to be the hepatitis B virus.
  5. There have been no known cases of Herpes B virus in travelers.
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  7. Macaques may carry potentially fatal human diseases, including herpes B virus.
  8. :The page you linked has a link to Coxsackie B virus on it.
  9. There were similar uncertainties surrounding the choice of influenza B virus.
  10. "' Libivirumab "'is a human monoclonal antibody directed against the hepatitis B virus.
  11. The hepatitis B virus was found in blood donated in October last year.
  12. Unlike older drugs, they work against both A and B viruses.
  13. These labs are currently used to investigate Herpes B virus, Hantavirus, and Ebola.
  14. Specifically, I typed into Google " Hepatitis B virus DNA polymerase inhibitor ".
  15. Hepatitis B virus and BYDV, use several overlapping genes in different reading frames.
  16. Most of the captured monkeys tested positive for Herpes B Virus.
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