ayra in a sentence

"ayra" in Chinese  
  1. The largest ethnic group reported in Ayra Guliso was the Muslim.
  2. Ayra wakes up and Edwin tells her that Rafa is dead.
  3. Then, Ayra says to Ronald that they must find Sabrina.
  4. He sprays the poison but Ayra escapes before she gets poisoned.
  5. Then, Ayra runs with Ronald after her with a gun.
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  7. Ayra said yes to Edwin's offer to get married.
  8. Meanwhile, Ronald escapes from prison and goes to Ayra.
  9. Ronald says to Ayra to go with him to look for Sabrina.
  10. Edwin tells Ayra that he is leaving for Australia.
  11. Ayra and Edwin team up to look for Sabrina.
  12. Three months later, Ayra gets her face back.
  13. Edwin says to Vener that he really misses Ayra.
  14. Ayra then realizes that Donna has kidnapped Sabrina.
  15. Edwin and Mang Vener return and see Ayra.
  16. In the car, Ronald reveals to Ayra that he was pretending to be nice.
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