axil in a sentence

"axil" meaning  "axil" in Chinese  
  1. Inflorescences occur in the axils and at the ends of branches.
  2. The inflorescences branch out from the axils of the lower leaves.
  3. Green flowers with six tiny tepals are borne in the axils.
  4. Male flowers are located in leaf axils or in spikelike inflorescences.
  5. On either side of the leaf axils are two rounded stipules.
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  7. The inflorescence contains pistillate heads in leaf axils below the clusters.
  8. Flowers occur in the axils of both submerged and floating leaves.
  9. Flowers are solitary or grow in pairs from the leaf axils.
  10. They have also been collected from banana axils and rock holes.
  11. Now think of spinning a bicycle wheel axil on your hand.
  12. The inflorescences are panicles of flowers growing from the leaf axils.
  13. All specimens with red marking at axil, behind pectoral fin.
  14. Flowers are borne in the axils of some of the leaves.
  15. The flowers are borne singly in leaf axils on stalks long.
  16. The flower stem lies in the axil of the second true leaf.
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