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  1. Unlike the axial skeleton, the appendicular skeleton is unfused.
  2. The axial skeleton together with the appendicular skeleton form the complete skeleton.
  3. Likely, the axial skeleton consisted of an unsegmented notochord.
  4. Any involvement of the axial skeleton is considered to be very rare.
  5. The VM lower motor neurons control the large, postural muscles of the axial skeleton.
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  7. Skeletal surveys are used to ensure there are no other primary tumors within the axial skeleton.
  8. The product of the mouse Hoxd13 gene plays a role in axial skeleton development and forelimb morphogenesis.
  9. The product of the mouse Hoxd12 gene plays a role in axial skeleton development and forelimb morphogenesis.
  10. This is a series of X-rays of the skull, axial skeleton and proximal long bones.
  11. At this stage, its axial skeleton, internal organs, scales, pigmentation and fins are fully developed.
  12. Others are tree-like or whip-like and have a central axial skeleton embedded in the tissue matrix.
  13. Another definition of axial skeleton is the bones including the vertebrae, sacrum, coccyx, ribs, and sternum.
  14. Muscle action that moves the axial skeleton work over a joint with an insertion of the muscle on respective side.
  15. CAMSM J . 35991 consists of a complete mandible, most of the axial skeleton and parts of the appendicular skeleton.
  16. Early in snake evolution, the Hox gene expression in the axial skeleton responsible for the development of the thorax became dominant.
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