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  1. Farcast also offers automatic stock quotes on individual companies and industries.
  2. They needn't be clever to be an automatic draw.
  3. A certain part of my brain tissue stays on automatic pilot.
  4. Some climbed on the roof and opened fire with automatic weapons.
  5. The police believe the bullet was fired from an automatic handgun.
  6. It's difficult to find automatic in a sentence.
  7. My automatic answer was " refresh my soul ."
  8. The three-speed automatic in the tested model was imprecise.
  9. Cowboys'contenders : If healthy, Erik Williams is automatic.
  10. The Web page includes an automatic Telnet link to the service.
  11. The only people with semi-automatics were in the movies.
  12. The 4-speed automatic is $ 850 on its own.
  13. Yeah, I had the Automatic Transmission Fluid guys out here,
  14. Wilson, who carried the Browning automatic rifle, was hit.
  15. The engine is mated to a 4-speed automatic transaxle.
  16. Another puzzler : Did the Branch Davidians have illegal automatic weapons?
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