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  1. This led to a debate within the RAF whether to use their own tachometric design, the Stabilized Automatic Bomb Sight, or use the Mk.
  2. It equipped the majority of the RAF bomber fleet; small numbers of Stabilized Automatic Bomb Sights and Sperry S-1s were used in specialist roles.
  3. News of the Norden filtered to the UK Air Ministry in 1938, shortly after they had begun development of their own Automatic Bomb Sight ( ABS ).
  4. The RAF was working on the Automatic Bomb Sight along these lines but development was slow and it had not been accepted for use, when the war started.
  5. At the same time, No . 617 " Dambusters " Squadron were trained in the use of a special bombsight, the Stabilizing Automatic Bomb Sight ( SABS ).
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  7. Late in the war the RAF had the need for accurate high-altitude bombing and introduced a stabilized version of the earlier ABS, the hand-built Stabilized Automatic Bomb Sight ( SABS ).
  8. When the need for more accuracy for use with the Tallboy bombs arose in 1943, the Stabilized Automatic Bomb Sight ( SABS ), a development of the ABS, was introduced in limited numbers.
  9. Because of the way it was built, the Automatic Bomb Sight could be equipped with a stabilizer but it was estimated that it would be some time before it could be modified and brought into production.
  10. Development had begun before the War as the "'Automatic Bomb Sight "', but early bomber operations proved that systems without automatic stabilization of the bombsight crosshairs were extremely difficult to use under operational conditions.
  11. The basic design was adapted by almost all air forces and used well into World War II . It was eventually replaced in British service by the more advanced designs like the Mark XIV bomb sight and the Stabilized Automatic Bomb Sight.
  12. On 1 April 2006 control was transferred to Defence Estates and the range was then administered by Defence Training Estates ( East ) from their headquarters at 617 Squadron to test the Stabilizing Automatic Bomb Sight . and finally closed in July 2010.
  13. In the UK, work on the Automatic Bomb Sight ( ABS ) had been carried on since the mid-30s in an effort to replace the CSBS . However, the ABS did not include stabilization of the sighting system, nor the Norden's autopilot system.
  14. By mid 1944, using the Stabilizing Automatic Bomb Sight and the 12, 000 lb Tallboy bomb, No . 617 achieved a bombing error of only 94 yards at the V Weapon launch site at Abbeville . 5 Group staff also developed other various techniques, such as the'5 Group corkscrew'used to evade enemy fighters, and the'quick landing system '.

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