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  1. Putian machinery company could produce all kinds of automatic blow molding machines that could be used for producing blowing parts ( volume range from 5ml to 200l )
  2. The hydraulic automatic hollow molding machine traditionally called as blow molding machine is a professional , most economical , full automatic blow molding equipment especially designed with internationally advanced blow molding die head technologies for meeting customer needs
  3. Producing single twin screw extruders including manual air blower , multi - die head , double - die stand automatic blow molding machine , storage type hydraulic hollow forming machine , dual - pipe pipe drawing machine set or pipe extruding machine set , bellows assembling set , specially - shaped materials assembling set , blow molding vacuum packing machine , granulator , and underwater granulating machine set , combined with distributing plastic packing bottle , can , bucket , box , case , film , belt , plastic toys , small specially - shaped products , draining pipe , transparent pmma pipe or transparent organic glass pipe for illuminations , plastic bellows , cable housing , cable groove , air pipe line , insulating pipe , dust absorbing pipe , drip tube , etc . flexible and hard pipe products
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