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  1. The state had sought automatic blocking of the numbers for callers with unlisted phone numbers.
  2. Automatic blocking has been replaced by manual blocking.
  3. "I'm against automatic blocking because, first, it's ineffective, and, second, it's also bad parenting philosophy ."
  4. The PUC first approved Caller ID in 1992 but imposed restrictions including automatic blocking for people with unlisted numbers.
  5. Pac Bell won't say exactly how many customers have requested automatic blocking of their numbers, citing competitive and customer-privacy reasons.
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  7. Automatic blocking detection combined with quick reaction apparently frustrates the blocking efforts on the China side of the Great Firewall of China ( GFW ).
  8. Google Voice provides automatic blocking of known numbers, e . g ., telemarketers, the ability to switch lines in mid-call, differentiated voice mail greetings based on caller, Short Message Service ( SMS ) forwarding, and call recording.
  9. This automatic blocking is related to the User Account Control functionality in Windows Vista, and requires users to manually run each of these startup items each time they log in if they desire the item to run at startup.
  10. :About the misspelling, it could randomly swap some letters in a sentence it sends out to millions, in an attempt to evade automatic blocking software looking for a particular sentence . talk ) 06 : 43, 13 November 2015 ( UTC)
  11. The line was electrified with freight lines and branch lines continuing to use diesel ), and the restrained permissivity automatic blocking system was installed on the line, offering increasingly less satisfactory service with respect to the growing mixed passenger-goods traffic on the line since the 1990s.

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