automatic block signaling in a sentence

  1. Automatic block signaling was established between Salzburg and Freilassing in 1963.
  2. In 1960, the local signal boxes began to be replaced by an automatic block signaling system.
  3. By the end of the 1980s the entire route network had been equipped with automatic block signaling.
  4. Automatic block signaling was invented in America, and first put to use by the timetable and train order.
  5. Automatic Block Signaling was implemented the line from K鰈n-Kalk to Dieringhausen on the Siegburg Olpe line in 1976.
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  7. In 1917, the line would receive automatic block signaling and iron trolley poles to replace the original wooden ones.
  8. Additionally, some subway services have reached their train capacity limits and cannot operate extra trains with the current Automatic Block Signaling system.
  9. The line is primarily dispatched via track warrant control, but also has automatic block signaling from the junction at Merriam to Mankato.
  10. In 1947 it ordered that automatic block signaling be used where freight traveled at more than and on passenger lines where trains went faster than.
  11. The system currently uses Automatic Block Signaling with fixed wayside signals and automatic train stops in order to provide safe train operation across the whole system.
  12. Most of the line is dark territory, meaning that it is not signaled and not equipped with centralized traffic control or automatic block signaling systems.
  13. The semi-automatic block signaling was active at the moment, but that system required a routine check of passing trains to be done by station personnel.
  14. For example, the New York City Canarsie Line was outfitted with a backup automatic block signaling system capable of supporting 12tph, compared with the 26tph of the CBTC system.
  15. This system was further automated by the use of Automatic Block Signaling and interlocking towers which allowed for efficient and failsafe setting of conflicting routes at junctions and that kept trains following one another safely separated.
  16. Automatic block signaling would have provided far greater protection had the blocks overlapped; meaning that protection would have been provided by two stop signals ( rather than just one ) as well as the caution, hence one signal missed would not then have resulted a disaster.
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