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  1. On the Midland Circuit many kart and stock car racing events and several autoclub meetings are held.
  2. When she tried to collect for losses under her homeowner's policy, the Autoclub Group Insurance Co . said her husband's arson voided her right to compensation.
  3. In 1983, he visited the Llanos of La Rioja and published in the journal Autoclub an article that would last for the public domain and tourism as " The Way of the Warlords"
  4. By Tim Haddock . ( Will move on the " s " sports file . ) CAR-AUTOCLUB ( Fontana, Calif . )-Advance to Sunday's NASCAR Auto Club 500.
  5. Autoclub Europa warned that chaotic traffic conditions could potentially leave large parts of Germany completely paralysed as the country prepared for further freezing conditions as forecasters warned that temperatures would drop below  " 20 degrees Celsius (  " 4 degrees Fahrenheit ) overnight.
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  7. California news wire . ) PROP42-AUTOCLUB ( Los Angeles )-- Thomas V . McKernan, president and chief executive officer of the Automobile Club of Southern California, will deliver the keynote address at the Golden State Coalition's North Los Angeles County Transportation Forum.
  8. He has published articles in publications such as Velocidad, El Gr醘ico, Motor, A Todo Motor, Aire & Sol, La Prensa, La Naci髇, Diario Clar韓, Argentinisches Tageblatt, Autoclub, Autom髒il Revue ( Switzerland ), Road & Track, Car and Driver ( US ), and many others.
  9. In 1978, it prevented the Train to the Clouds, created shortly before it was suppressed for lack of passengers to be published in the official organ of the Automobile Club Argentino an article entitled " A clouds in a train ", which made this tourist service known among many lovers of railways ( Autoclub magazine ).

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