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  1. Utah, $ 50 million of State Building Ownership Authority bonds.
  2. The downgrade affects dlrs 52 million worth of uninsured authority bonds.
  3. Under the plan, Thruway Authority bonds would provide more than half of the financing.
  4. He said the company would pay off the power authority bonds with revenues from electric rates.
  5. The remainder will be financed by the sale of $ 300 million in port authority bonds.
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  7. For the foreseeable future, bond investors may not have the chance to buy Airport Authority bonds.
  8. Wanaque Valley New Jersey Regional Sewerage Authority bonds worth $ 15, 001-$ 50, 000.
  9. Port Authority bonds and other revenue would pay for the improvements, aides to the two governors said.
  10. The city financed the construction with Industrial Development Authority bonds and must pay off the bonds with tax revenue.
  11. But today, more than 50 percent of the bond portion is made up of Tennessee Valley Authority bonds.
  12. Since the collapse, the Securities and Exchange Commission has informally investigated whether Massachusetts Turnpike Authority bonds misled investors.
  13. By refinancing the Shoreham debt with power authority bonds, rates could be cut by as much as 10 percent.
  14. So far, traders said there hasn't been a significant move in the way toll authority bonds trade.
  15. While all the extra yield is tempting for muni fund managers, some have been selling their waste authority bonds.
  16. The successful sale of February-issue government guaranteed and local authority bonds demonstrates that strong demand for bonds continues, he said.
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