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  1. Authorities are also trying to piece together Cochran's history.
  2. Authorities say that the tent was not properly fire-proofed.
  3. An Indian Housing Authority also is being discussed, officials said.
  4. And they may be people who have authority over your budget.
  5. Illinois Housing Development Authority, $ 60 million of revenue bonds.
  6. It's difficult to find authorities in a sentence.
  7. Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, $ 150 million of revenue bonds.
  8. Federal authorities had Hill under investigation for violating the new law.
  9. Illinois Housing Development Authority, $ 62 million of debt securities.
  10. Maryland Stadium Authority, $ 55 million of lease revenue bonds.
  11. Maine State Housing Authority, $ 80 million of revenue bonds.
  12. The authorities can then share that information with local community organizations.
  13. At times, perhaps, the authorities went a bit overboard.
  14. Cheaters repent, authorities forgive, the slate gets wiped clean.
  15. Censorship is what happens when authority prohibits outright thoughts and messages.
  16. The more common argument for Congressional authority is the Constitution itself.
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