authorities concerned in a sentence

"authorities concerned" in Chinese  
  1. To the authorities concerned, please don't let this matter go by unnoticed.
  2. None of the authorities concerned would say whether the two shipments were linked.
  3. The embassy is discussing their fate with " Chinese authorities concerned,"
  4. We have complained to the authorities concerned but nothing concrete has been done.
  5. We are still in a period of consultations with all the authorities concerned,
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  7. But we discuss them in a very clear manner with the authorities concerned.
  8. The authorities concerned should make improvements to the junction to avoid untoward incidents.
  9. Even though the evidence was clear, the authorities concerned did not press charges.
  10. The authorities concerned asked Poonthaanam to vacate the main seat for accommodating the guest.
  11. Can the authorities concerned do something constructive this time around?
  12. Necessary assistance was also being extended by the authorities concerned.
  13. None were from the government or the authorities concerned.
  14. The authority concerned has a lot of work ahead in order to correct such discriminative presumptions.
  15. The ICRC's findings and reports will be transmitted only to the authorities concerned, " it said.
  16. He said the authorities concerned should not neglect theirresponsibility, despite the problems faced by the country.
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