authentic in a sentence

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  1. For an authentic presentation, serve this soup in a hotpot.
  2. Above all, it's " authentic ."
  3. Imagine real Mexican restaurants offering fine cuisine in an authentic atmosphere.
  4. Right now, authentics are the hottest segment of the market.
  5. "I'm not sure they're authentic.
  6. It's difficult to find authentic in a sentence.
  7. But whether the designs look authentic is a matter of debate.
  8. "I'm the only authentic conservative,"
  9. Especially if you're the Authentic Olympic Games Collection Barbie.
  10. Authentic development should rely on the cultural heritage of a country.
  11. Also, they want to see whether the dummies look authentic.
  12. As an unscrupulous politician, Richard Crenna seems distracted but authentic.
  13. Dalbey said the strength of Prison Blues was its authentic appeal.
  14. The innocence may have been even more authentic than it seemed.
  15. The look seems more authentic than the film's emotions.
  16. There may still be an authentic Western town left in America.
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