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  1. In authentic cadence, where it functions as a subdominant ( IV ).
  2. The piece concludes with a simple authentic cadence.
  3. The first stanza is accompanied completely in F minor and ends with a perfect authentic cadence.
  4. It also does not easily fit into common Western chord progressions such as the authentic cadence.
  5. Other features that characterized Malignus Youth's musical style were the use of authentic cadences.
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  7. The tonic key immediately returns with an authentic cadence soon afterwards ( m . 48 ).
  8. In three voices the third voice often adds a falling fifth creating a cadence similar to the authentic cadence in tonal music.
  9. The main objective of the S action space, however, is to confirm the new key with a perfect authentic cadence.
  10. This A section is repeated twice, once ending on a half cadence and the other with a perfect authentic cadence on the home key of A-flat major.
  11. When used at a cadence point, it creates an imperfect authentic cadence since there is no root motion from scale-degree 5 to scale-degree 1 in the bass.
  12. Perfect authentic cadence ( V-I with roots in the bass and tonic in the highest voice of the final chord ) : ii-V-I progression in C.
  13. In measure 8 ( part of the " A " section ), a parallel period with a semi-cadence is introduced, and in measure 16 a perfect authentic cadence follows.
  14. The authentic cadence ( V-I ) is the most important one in both classical and jazz harmony, though in jazz it more often follows a ii / II chord serving as predominant.
  15. Thus the EEC is conventionally defined as " the first satisfactory perfect authentic cadence that proceeds onward to differing material . " The EEC confirms the new key proposed by S; it is the generic goal of the exposition as a whole.
  16. A typical pattern for a simple song might be as follows : a phrase ends with a cadence on the tonic, a second phrase ends with a half cadence, then a final, longer, phrase ends with an authentic cadence on the tonic.
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