auteurs in a sentence

"auteurs" in Chinese  
  1. Consider Lucas, the " Star Wars " auteur.
  2. But beneath his responsible exterior beat an auteur's heart.
  3. "cinema " and " auteur ."
  4. The actor-turned-auteur has now turned design maven.
  5. The definition of an auteur has been debated since the 1940s.
  6. It's difficult to find auteurs in a sentence.
  7. Fragmenten uit misdaadverhalen van bekroonde auteurs " ( " Good Error.
  8. There are no executive-training programs for auteurs, Irving said.
  9. With Marcus you have one auteur coming to another auteur.
  10. With Marcus you have one auteur coming to another auteur.
  11. The auteur theory reigned, and the director was perceived as king.
  12. She would like to restore the word auteur to respectability.
  13. In this, I'm the auteur ."
  14. You expect this embodiment of the auteur theory, because,
  15. And what does Redford recall about the talented young auteur?
  16. Another cinematic whatsit from the fertile mind of Canadian auteur Guy Maddin.
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