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  1. All other buyers must close within 45 days of the auction.
  2. On Thursday, the government will auction one-year bills.
  3. Many real estate companies are adding auction divisions or hiring auctioneers.
  4. Most of the animals have come from stockyards and from auctions.
  5. With the average rate at auction unchanged from the previous sale.
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  7. Typically traders try to push prices lower ahead of an auction.
  8. The price set a record for a manuscript sold at auction.
  9. On Tuesday, the government will auction five-year notes.
  10. On Thursday, the government will auction 52-week bills.
  11. Auctions are used to introduce new technology in the market quickly.
  12. Return engagements at auctions and bidding past $ 1, 000.
  13. On Thursday, the Treasury will auction one-year bills.
  14. All the markets showed a nervousness about the approaching bond auction.
  15. I know, because I purchased them at the Paris auction.
  16. Sprint had no choice but to jump into the auction process.
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