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  1. Carpets were woven after the patterns of French Savonnerie and Aubusson tapestry.
  2. So the diversifications of his complex and uniformly experimental painterly oeuvre will always range from Aubusson Tapestries.
  3. Of particular note are the sculpted Aubusson tapestries from the 16th and 17th centuries and a canopied bed.
  4. An imposing Aubusson tapestry, " La Chasse du duc de Guise ", hung in front of the staircase.
  5. Typically, Aubusson tapestries depended on engravings as a design source or the full-scale cartoons from which the low-warp tapestry-weavers worked.
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  7. In January 2014, the Herm鑣 Foundation has pledged support, for a period of three years, to the Cit?internationale of Aubusson tapestry.
  8. He found period furniture in Italy and France and acquired the Aubusson tapestries which still add so much to the charm of the ch鈚eau.
  9. Evron ( pop . 6, 700 ) is noted for its chapel of Notre-Dame-de-l'Epine ( 12th century ), with 13th-century wall paintings and Aubusson tapestries.
  10. The sunny mansion gives little hint of its murder-marred past in the ordered display of its Baccarat crystal chandeliers, Aubusson tapestries and Carrara marble mantels.
  11. The "'Aubusson tapestry manufacture "'of the 17th and 18th centuries managed to compete with the royal manufacture of Gobelins tapestry and the privileged position of Beauvais tapestry.
  12. The large dining room, also on the second floor, has fine wood panelling from the 1930s, a marble fountain from Languedoc, a large Baccarat crystal chandelier, and Aubusson tapestries representing Louis XV hunting.
  13. The town of Felletin is identified as the source from which came the Aubusson tapestries in the inventory of Charlotte of Albret, Duchess of Valentinois and widow of Cesare Borgia ( 1514 ).
  14. At the end of the century, landscaped a lane which joined to the Lot ( since known as " " All閑 Piencourt " " ) and especially acquired the Aubusson tapestries for the episcopal palace.
  15. From 1950, Saint-Cyr collaborated with her husband Georges Martin to create a variety of hats and garments that incorporated traditional Aubusson tapestry  an idea inspired after Martin used tapestry to re-cover chairs in Saint-Cyr's salon.
  16. The collection of furniture is mostly composed of English and French examples, including storage and resting pieces, such as tapestries includes French and Flemish examples, most of which from the 18th century, produced by Aubusson tapestry, Gobelins Manufactory, etc.
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