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  1. The Aubusson carpet motif runs through the decor with understated elegance.
  2. In the drawing room, overscale antique Russian armchairs rest on an enormous Napoleon III Aubusson carpet.
  3. She points to a long vertical scrap of an old Aubusson carpet she picked up somewhere eons ago.
  4. The rooms filled with antiques and Americana; a French Aubusson carpet was sent up from the New York apartment.
  5. The old warden's house, now a ruin overtaken by a fugitive garden, looks like an Aubusson carpet of roses and nasturtiums.
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  7. Pinto's Napoleon III Aubusson carpet sold for $ 96, 000; it was expected to sell for $ 50, 000 to $ 70, 000.
  8. The garden out back is a thrilling spot, laid out in an elaborate pattern of low hedges meant to mimic Eliza Ferriday's Aubusson carpet, in miniature.
  9. Walking across the priceless Aubusson carpet on the glistening wood floor of the front hallway of her perfectly appointed home, she was a vision in pink and yellow designer chiffon.
  10. The palace consists of a total of 150 rooms, the principal of which are'Turkey'carpets, whereas the female zones would have more delicate furnishings of rosewood, Aubusson carpets and chintz soft furnishings.
  11. That's a far cry from the baths depicted in home magazines, where Moen estimates 98 percent feature separate tubs and showers ( not to mention enough floor space to float an Aubusson carpet ).
  12. They rent for up to $ 80, 000 a month, and most come equipped with large dining rooms, tables capable of seating more than a dozen guests, massive Cartier or Baccarat chandeliers and Aubusson carpets.
  13. The glossy color brochure shows a mansion with crystal chandeliers and walls padded with silk brocade; with Aubusson carpets and Louis XVI gilt armchairs; with oil paintings of gauzy landscapes, individually illuminated; with veined marble mantlepieces and ornate wrought-iron staircases.
  14. She was also delighted by the authenticity of the sets and costumes _ the carved wooden paneling around a marble fireplace, an Aubusson carpet, the chandeliers and propellers, the furs and feather boas of the rich, the shawls and woolen caps of the immigrants _ and was fascinated by the technology, especially the submersibles that sent cameras inside the real Titanic under two and a half miles of water.

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